I have been here a long time - and this is the most hopeful I've been about the platform for years. Medium should always have committed to quality over numbers - if you build it, they will come - and it's now being built. It's an exciting time to be a writer here - and an even better time to be someone who writes about things other than making money on Medium. :o)



Are Boosters Giving Out Boosts Like Candy To Their Friends?

8 min read

Nov 6

Medium Earnings: Read This If Your Earnings Are Still Below August-Early September Rates

12 min read

Nov 3

Boost Is Flawed — I’d Do It Differently

3 min read

Oct 31

A Medium Boost Nominator’s Update

6 min read

Oct 1

Why People Should Stop Rubbishing The Boost Program & Medium

11 min read

Nov 1

Have You Seen The Latest From Medium? Has Buster Now Quieted The Restless?

3 min read

Oct 25

October Medium Partner Program Update: What’s Happening?

4 min read

Oct 25

October Partner Program Update

7 min read

Oct 24

What Will Happen to Medium? This Tarot Reading Can Tell You

4 min read

Oct 21

What If We Could Boost Ourselves?

4 min read

Oct 12

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