I see what you're saying but I disagree. Am not a Conservative by any stretch of the imagination - am a lefty libertarian. It seems to me that the rights of many people were progressing quite nicely prior to 'Woke-ism'. The legalisation of gay marriage by a Conservative Government being a good example of gradual change towards a liberalism. I would argue that the same was likely to happen with Trans-rights as it filtered into public consciousness.

Wokeism arrived and replaced this gradual progression with demanding bombastic rhetoric and cancel culture that simply reversed the trend towards gradual liberalism. It was an own goal by the left and one they will come to regret on both sides of the Atlantic. It created a total mess. It rapidly divided into factions that consistently challenge each other and each iteration creates smaller and smaller niche interest groups.

It killed the progress of feminism, which now has TERFs and Karens. It began a process of segragation and 'safe spaces' that haven't been seen since the Edwardian era - and the damage was immeasurable. It also, completely and utterly divided and the subsequent infighting destroyed the Labour party. This is the real kicker - given that ANY Labour Prime Minister was likely to have been better for ALL minority groups than Boris.

Identity politics is idiotic, retrograde and has developed into a self defeating hydra that needs to be banished from the left-wing of the political discourse as soon as possible.

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