I suspect this may not be true based on my own experience. I have been officially a penguin for a year. No name. No sex. No race. I didn’t write much in the last 12 months because Medium curated very little outside of the ideological left wing bubble.

Over that time many writers built huge follows writing articles that preached to the converted. They were a whole set of different colours and creeds – but all very much writing in the same political sort of vein.

At the last medium pivot, medium seemed to have started curating on quality rather than content – allowing a lot more indie writers back into the picture. My own work, mostly undiscoverable until a few weeks ago has started picking up pace.

In a roundabout way, what I’m saying is that you’re seeing a shift that is back to neutrality that is displaying more centre ground or right wing leaning voices – which I would imagine are more likely to be white, and a shift away from some of the more questionable curation by political alliance that may have informed the way some of the Medium pubs were handled.

Not racism, but equity – Based more on what you write than who you are. Medium is no longer playing identity politics in quite the same way and I’m relieved. The last year has seen the curation of some pretty terrible echo chamber writing – which did little more than drive the overall journalistic standard into the floor.

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