Is Royalty The Ultimate Form of White Supremacy in Modern Britain?

And why if you make a stand against racism, you should make a stand against royalty. Warning, may contain republicanism.

Argumentative Penguin
5 min readMay 6, 2019


Queen’s Royal Birthday: CREDIT Raph_PH Wikipeda (CC)

There are plenty of reasons why the British Royal Family are a racist institution. Most of them are historic. The tendency of the British ruling class to whack a flag in someone’s country and steal their resources is recognised the world over. It’s what we’ve historically done. There are only 22 countries we haven’t invaded. And who knows what we might get up to after Brexit happens? If Brexit happens.

But this article isn’t about that. There are plenty of other articles that will talk you through that. Instead I want to discuss something that’s bothering me. It’s about the nature of equality.

Society and the actions of individuals therein create inequality. That’s part of what racism is and how it unfolds. Society gives certain privileged people better opportunities. The legal system, the police force, the education system, local government, broadly racist. Perhaps not actively anymore, but certainly passively. In short racism is a problem.

I’m not going to talk about that very much either. There are plenty of people who have better and more interesting things to say than me. My issue here is with flag waving liberals. Those people whose concept of liberalism means simply being spotted on the ‘right’ side of history and wearing the appropriate T-shirt.

Many of these people are exactly the sort of people who love the Queen and are currently waiting with baited breath to see what drops out of Meghan Markle’s vagina. On the one hand they’re single handedly battling injustice with their pants on the outside of their trousers. On the other hand, they’re excitedly getting updates on the dilated cervix of someone they’ve never met.

It’s creepy. That’s what it is. That aside. Here’s a statement all liberals can all agree with.

‘At the point of birth, all babies regardless of their sex and race should be considered equally valuable to society.’



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