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Five things you’re allowed to know about my identity and four things you’re not.

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What constitutes your identity? If society is determined that we play identity politics then this is a question I feel compelled to ask. Who gets to define the parameters of who I am. What’s their agenda and why does it matter?

Here are five things I think I have defined…

I lived through most of them and consider myself a product of the late Productivocene

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In the beginning, there was the word and the word was Ev…. and on the first day he separated text from blank pages. On the second day, he separated titles from font. On the third day, he had a rest likely because he’s a busy sort of chap, and on…

It’s always the next one you have to watch out for

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The lovely lady in this photo is wrong. You can jail the revolutionary and you can indeed jail the revolution. History is full of examples where this happens. …

Simple narratives are unhelpful to both sexes. Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to Evans vs Miss R

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I’m going to try and keep this article as balanced as possible to talk us all through some of the legal complexities around a relatively recent rape case. …

Your choice. Because you sure as hell can’t have both

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So here’s a neat thing. Turns out you can’t simultaneously stick religiously to an argument for calling out people on grounds of cultural appropriation and at the same time be entirely trans-inclusive. Handbrake turn. What? …

Did he have 10,000 men and more importantly was he up? Down? Or neither up nor down?!

Photo by Jonathan Kemper on Unsplash

The current Duke of York isn’t exactly popular and arguably that’s often been the case across history. The Duke of York is an honorary title given to the ‘spare’ second son. With zero comparative responsibilities but all of the wealth and privilege, they merrily pootle off to have their own…

And the Metropolitan Police Force’s response was to put more police officers on the streets? What?!?

Photo by John Cameron on Unsplash

The murder of Sarah Everard was both terrifying and shocking, doubly so when the person arrested and now convicted of the murder turned out to be a member of the Metropolitan police force. …

Let's not get too excited by this apparent progress. From what I can see these brothers attended a private boarding school in Surrey called Reeds. The same school as Tim Henman, Tom Hardy and a few other notable alumni you can find here.

They then went to Bristol business…

It’s called malignant narcissism and blacks have it to one degree or another. One of those read to the end articles….

The Street Near my House by Edan Cohen on Unsplash

Black people know they’re being prejudice. They’ll act out their bigotry especially if they believe they can get away with it — and they mostly do.

Monday morning September 16 I drove my little cousin to school. This is in London, England. …

When the unstoppable narcissist meets the immovable ideologue

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What the hell is co-dependency anyway? In short, it’s where two people, or sometimes a group of people, both get something from the behaviour of each other. …

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