Whispering this powerful word at exactly the right time will help you defeat your terrible decision making.

Competition between brain structures leads to poor decision making. Use this word judiciously to take back control of your thoughts.

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8 min readJun 5, 2019


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The most important word in your quest for success is simple. And it’s not even a proper word. It’s a sound. One that you’ll hear up and down the country all day every day. One you’ll hear delivered by every fictional depiction of a librarian ever.



The word ‘Shhh’ doesn’t give you instant wealth and wellbeing. It won’t make you super attractive to the opposite (or same) sex. It won’t grant you the secret of eternal youth. It may not even make you happy. But it’s very powerful when used at the right point in your life.

If you’re using it on other people, you’re using it wrong.

You look disappointed. I get it. There are plenty of people that you’d like to go around and shhhh. I feel your pain.This word is for you to use on yourself, at very particular points of psychological crisis. But to truly harness the power of Shhhh you will need to understand two things.

  1. How competing systems in your brain work. (I will endeavour to keep this as simple as possible.)
  2. When to use the word to have the maximum effect.

Are you ready to re-train your brain?

Tell me about these competing brain systems…

The brain is a very complicated organ, made up of different systems that have evolved over time. The most recent addition is the Frontal Cortex. Put your finger tip between your eyebrows. That’s it. That bit of your brain does a lot of what we’d term thinking.

It helps you do complicated maths, imagine the future and keeps you obeying the rules of society. Without it. You wouldn’t be you. If you’re interested in what happens if you lose that bit of your…



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